Vstupný test

Vstupný test

Odpovedzte na uvedené otázky

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    Odpovedzte na otázky CELOU vetou, napr. "Can you swim?" "Yes I can". Nie len "Yes". Alebo "Are there blue chairs in the classroom?" "No there aren´t blue chairs in the classroom." Nie len "No, there aren´t". Ak neviete odpovedať, polia nevypĺňajte. Na vyplnenie testu si vyhrďte 20-30 minút.

    1. Is Brazil a cold country?

    2. Do you have nine cats and dogs at home?

    3. Does a room usually have 2 walls?

    4. Can you touch the ceiling?

    5. Are there many people in a small village?

    6. What do you like doing on Saturday?

    7. Do flowers smell unpleasant?

    8. Is it important for you to learn English?

    9. Are warm clothes necessary in winter?

    10. Do you ever refuse to help people?

    11. What are children often afraid of?

    12. If you want to make a lot of money, what should you do?

    13. What would you do if you saw an accident in the street?

    14. Do you agree that wisdom often comes with age?

    15. Is it true that the longer you work, the more experience you gain?

    16. What should you do if you hurt somebody by accident?

    17. Do you agree that some computer programmes have too many features?

    18. Do you think you will succeed at last if you do something again and again?

    19. Are there any animals that are in danger of extinction nowadays?

    20. What´s the retirement age for men in your country?

    21. Would you feel wounded if you heard unfair critism?

    22. When you nod your head during a discussion, what is it a sign of?

    23. What effects does it have on a sensitive person when you shout at them?

    24. What do most people usually look forward to the most on Friday afternoon?

    25. Are all children responsible enough to be trusted with looking after a pet?

    26. Do most parents have a natural anxiety to do the best for their children?

    27. What can shadows under someone´s eyes be a sign of?

    28. Do you lose your temper if you can´t undo a knot your shoelaces?

    29. What could happen If you leant out too far over a railing above a steep slope?

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